Dialogue:Irregular Verbs Ⅲ

Irregular Verbs Ⅲ

speak, spoke, spoken; speed, sped, sped; spell, spelt, spelt.
spend, spent, spent; spill, spilt, spilt; spit, spat, spat.
split, split, split; spoil, spoilt, spoilt; spring, sprang, sprung.
stand, stood, stood; steal, stole, stolen; stick, stuck, stuck.
sting, stung, stung; stink, stank, stunk; stride, strode, stridden.
strike, struck, struck; string, strung, strung; strive, strove, striven.
swear, swore, sworn; sweep, swept swept; swell, swelled, swollen.
swim, swam, swum; swing, swung, swung; take, took, taken.
teach, taught, taught; tear, tore, torn; tell, told, told.
think, thought, thought; throw, threw, thrown; thrust, thrust, thrust.
undergo, underwent, undergone; understand, understood, understood; undertake, undertook, undertaken.
undo, undid, undone; upset, upset, upset; wake, woke, woken.
wear, wore, worn; weep, wept, wept; win, won, won.
wind, wound, wound; withdraw, withdrew, withdrawn; withhold, withheld, withheld.
withstand, withstood, withstood; wring, wrung, wrung; write, wrote, written.

Dialogue:Irregular Verbs Ⅱ

Irregular Verbs Ⅱ

give, gave, given; go, went, gone; grind, ground, ground.
grow, grew, grown; hang, hung, hung; have, had, had.
hear, heard, heard; hide, hid, hidden; hold, held, held.
keep, kept, kept; know, knew, known; lade, laded, laden.
lay, laid, laid; leave, left, left; lend, lent, lent.
let, let, let; lie, lay, lain; light, lit, lit.
lose, lost, lost; make, made, made; mean, meant, meant.
meet, met, met; misunderstand, misunderstood, misunderstood; overcome, overcame, overcome.
pay, paid, paid; put, put, put; read, read, read.
ride, rode, ridden; ring, rang, rung; rise, rose, risen.
run, ran, run; say, said, said; see, saw, seen.
seek, sought, sought; sell, sold, sold; send, sent, sent.
shine, shone, shone; shoot, shot, shot; show, showed, shown.
shut, shut, shut; sing, sang, sung; sink, sank, sunk.
sit, sat, sat; sleep, slept, slept; smell, smelt, smelt.

Dialogue:Irregular Verbs Ⅰ

Irregular Verbs Ⅰ

arise, arose, arisen; awake, awoke, awoken; be, was, been.
bear, bore, borne; beat, beat, beaten; become, became, become.
befall, befell, befallen; begin, began begun; bend, bent, bent.
bet, bet, bet; bid, bade, bidden; bind, bound, bound.
bite, bit, bitten; bleed, bled, bled; blow, blew, blown.
break, broke, broken; breed, bred, bred; bring, brought, brought.
build, built, built; burn, burnt, burnt; buy, bought, bought.
catch, caught, caught; choose, chose, chosen; cling, clung, clung.
come, came, come; cost, cost, cost; cut, cut, cut.
dare, dared, dared; deal, dealt, dealt; dig, dug, dug.
do, did, done; draw, drew, drawn; drink, drank, drunk.
drive, drove, driven; eat, ate, eaten; fall, fell, fallen.
feel, felt, felt; fight, fought, fought; find, found, found.
fly, flew, flown; foretell, foretold, foretold; forget, forgot, forgotten.
forsake, forsook, forsaken; freeze, froze, frozen; get, got, gotten.

Dialogue:Tense, Voice and Mood Ⅲ

Tense, Voice and Mood Ⅲ

I will play the drums for the Christmas celebration.
I will be playing the drums when you come tomorrow.
I will have played the drums for two hours by five o’clock.
At eight o’clock, we will take the bus to go to the amusement park.
Will Professor Wang be taking a walk this afternoon?
He will have taken a bachelor’s degree by the end of this year.
The turtles will lay eggs in the sands there.
The turtles will be laying eggs in the sands there at this time tomorrow.
The turtle will have laid five eggs, if it lays one more.
Next year he will be writing his thesis.
When he comes back from China, he will have written a lot of postcards to me.
If he should be late, we would wait for him.
This subject will be discussed by the specialists seriously.
This subject will be being discussed by the specialists.
This subject will have been discussed by the specialists before this weekend.

Dialogue:Tense, Voice and Mood Ⅱ

Tense, Voice and Mood Ⅱ

Yesterday, I played the saxophone all day.
He was playing the saxophone happily when I came last night.
Had you ever played the saxophone before then?
After the presentation, we took some flowers for the actress.
While her mother was working, she was taking care of the baby.
He had taken a walk for ten minutes when I met him.
The turtles laid eggs in the sands there this autumn.
The turtles were laying eggs in the sands there when I saw them.
After the turtles had laid eggs in the sands, they went back to the sea.
She told me that she had written a cello concerto.
If I were you, I wouldn’t give up.
If they had come earlier to buy tickets, they would have been able to see the show.
This subject was discussed by the specialists.
This subject was being discussed by the specialists then.
This subject had been discussed by the specialists for three days betore he came here.

Dialogue:Tense, Voice and Mood Ⅰ

Tense, Voice and Mood Ⅰ

I often play the violin.
I am playing the violin.
She has played the violin for two hours.
We take a bath twice a day.
He is taking the tickets out of my wallet.
Have you ever taken a trip to Holland before?
The turtles lay eggs in the sands there.
The turtles are laying eggs in the sands there.
The turtles have laid eggs in the sands there.
He is writing his history homework.
She has been writing that article since last weekend.
If I take you to the library, I will have no time to cook dinner.
This subject is often discussed by the specialists.
This subject is being discussed by the specialists.
This subject has been discussed by the specialists for three days.

Dialogue:Sun, Moon and Stars

Sun, Moon and Stars

The sun is so far from our planet that it would take many years to go there.
I started looking at the stars in childhood and will keep looking until the dav I die.
Would you mind showing me the planet Jupiter?
Here. Take the telescope and look straight.
Do you think we can build a spaceship to go there?
It is difficult to say. Maybe after you graduate from university.
Grandfather, I would like to know how big the universe is.
It is too big to have an idea about, really.
For example, can you imagine how many grains of sand there are on earth?
I never thought about it. It is too difficult for me.
Such a question is not to be answered. Don’t worry.
I heard that the moon used to be a part of the earth.
Such stories are many; not only this one, but also lots of others.
Quick! A shooting star! Make a wish!
Every time you see them, I miss them.



Would you like to come with me to take a walk in the mountains on Sunday?
I would really love to, but I already have an appointment.
Carrie and I plan to go fishing at the river.
I just remembered that I saw Jack yesterday. He sends you his greetings.
When did you see him? Was he really busy?
Yes, he was! He was taking his wife’s family to the beach.
He told me that they have never seen the sea before.
Of course! They live near the desert in New Mexico.
I think you are wrong. They live in the Tennessee Valley.
Sorry, I have to leave. My grandfather is wanting tor me.
We are going to his farm where he grows wheat.
Does he live on the Canadian plain?
Yes. And on the way there, we cross a majestic waterfall.
—Have you ever seen a volcano? —Yes, when I was in Hawaii.
I would like to climb this cliff. Do you think it is possible?



It’s a beautiful day, sunny and warm. Let’s go for a picnic!
Well, the newspaper says that it will rain this afternoon.
Just a few clouds! Come on!
Playing in the snow is the best outdoor activity.
I am freezing. It is so cold this morning!
I know. Come and see outside, there is frost on the grass.
The typhoons often visit Taiwan during summer vacation.
I didn’t come home until sunrise.
So late! It’s a good thing that it is winter vacation.
What did you do during your vacation?
I went skiing, skating and shopping in Canada.
How is the weather in that country?
Of course, it is really cold this time of the year.
But the climate is temperate. The summer is comfortable.
You can swim, play tennis, dive, ride horses, and do all sorts of fun activities.

Dialogue:Going Places

Going Places

I have to go to the airport. Can you call a taxi for me?
No problem, sir. It will only take a minute.
When is the plane leaving for Paris?
In twenty minutes. You must hurry!
Fasten your seat belts; we are landing in New York.
What is the best way to go to Beijing?
The train is cheaper and faster.
—Is it a safe way to travel? —Yes,it is.
Here is the post office! I have to stop to buy some stamps.
How much is it to send a letter to Tokyo?
You need two fifteen-cent stamps and one three-cent stamp.
Already a quarter past six, it is time for dinner! Where do you want to eat?
I heard of a good Italian restaurant near my hotel. Let’s try it!
Are you ready to order?
Yes, thank you. I would like one spaghetti, one lasagna, and two tiramisus.